Interviews and Interests

Well, a week has passed since Husband lost his job.

It’s been one week since I freaked out, drove home, cried on my couch, picked myself up, and then secretly cried on the couch for two nights straight. Oh, and then had a major argument regarding blame and resentment.

This week has been peachy.

My husband has, in return, lived up to his deal. He has managed to do much of the housework, spent time with our ever needy dog, and has ran some basic errands. Oh, and he has applied for a sh#t ton of jobs. I’m talking 15-20 a day.

There is luck in numbers, apparently, because today he landed his first in-person interview.

I really just wanted to use this gif.

Look, I know that he is lucky. Any unemployed person who happens upon this blog has most likely already x-ed out of here. I get it. Finding a job and landing interviews hasn’t been this easy since 2006.

Don’t think for a second that I’m not jealous either. Part of my anger about this unemployment situation is that I have been looking for a new job on and off for the last 3 years.

Yes, you read that right. 3 years.

I am employed. I have a degree. I am a pretty personable person. I am passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the line of work I want to go in to. I’m a board member for a larger, local non-profit. I have a teaching degree (which essentially means that I am patient, great with kids, and interested in leading and inspiring others). I am not looking for much money. I have been nominated twice for the top employee honor at my workplace. I have graduate credits. I have glowing recommendations from a wide pool of people who have worked or taught me.

(I am also very humble. I promise.)

Over the past three years, I have had 6 in-person interviews. To give that perspective, at one point in my search, I had consistently applied for three jobs a day. A DAY. I have stopped searching for short periods, but I have never fully given up the fight to find a better work place.

My Husband, on the other hand, got his last job (the one he was let go from) within two weeks of looking for a new job.

That obviously brings up some jealousy in me. I know that our job searches are vastly different given our age, background, and job markets, but i still cannot help but feel like there is something wrong with this picture.

But I go on. As I help my husband continue to apply and (now) interview, I solider on. While I search for positions he may be interested in, I stop and check for something relevant for me. That’s all I can do.

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