Off Target

Hey! Remember that time when I wrote about how I have gotten only 6 in person interview requests in the last three years of ritually applying?

Well, this weekend was a reminder of just how crushing it can be to go through a life of no interest.

In a way to stave off holiday depression, I decided to apply for a part time, seasonal job at Target. When I was a teacher a bajillion (uh, 4) years ago, I worked at Target as a cashier. It was the perfect way for me to get some extra dollars, a huge discount at my favorite store, and afford to spoil those that I love with material items. Oh, and it helped me afford groceries for four months.

I really didn’t mind that it was menial or that I would run in to students in the check out lines. I didn’t even mind wearing red and khakis (my least favorite combos). In the end, working seasonally at a job that really didn’t take much energy out of me was worth having to explain awkwardly to students that their fancy private school didn’t pay me enough to afford any kind of worthwhile lifestyle.

So, now that we are less than 60 days from Christmas, I am starting to panic about all of the shopping I am going to have to do. The easy solution appeared to be applying at Target again for a seasonal job.

Uh yeah. I was turned down for it. Not even given an interview. 

How crushing is it that someone with a bachelor’s degree in education, a sturdy resume, and ACTUAL EXPERIENCE WORKING AT TARGET DURING BLACK FRIDAY gets turned down for a cashier position at not one, but TWO local Targets? In one day!

…Goodbye self esteem. It was great to know you.

I am just going to pretend it’s because i can only work at night or that they haven’t started hiring seasonal employees yet. Maybe I should go back to working as a waitress like I did during my senior year of college. TGIFriday’s may have a better re-hiring procedure… right? Guys?

What do you have to say about it?

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