• Spent: $32.18 at the gas station, $10.50 on three pumpkins, $40.07 on dinner out on Saturday =  $82.75
  • Method: Venture card, cash, and debit cards
  • Balances of checking and savings accounts: $4,450.59 (2,616.22 in shared checking and 1,833.84 in personal checking)
  • Bills paid: $75 phone bill for October and $50 therapist co-pay (two sessions)


  • Activity: 60 minute yoga on Friday and 20 minute, 1 mile run with Husband on Saturday (mile time was 11:53)
  • Took my blood pressure and blood sugar levels at my grandma’s. Blood sugar was 102. Blood pressure was SUPER high when I’m normally anemically low. I’m going to blame it on the massive amount of salt I’ve consumed this week along with the stress i’m under when I’m at my grandma’s (on top of my current stress about our situation).
  • Eating was a complete failure.

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