Friday Blog Round Up

This week has been absolutely inspirational. I have been able to reanalyze our debt in whole new ways, make a plan for the future, and even pay a bit of it off. Oh! And I saved a crap ton of money by switching (back, sorta) to Geico! Combine those accomplishments with having my first Halloween with actual trick or treaters– and I’d say this week goes in the win category!

Part of my motivation and successes come from getting inspired from the stories of others. With that being said, here are my 4 favorite blog posts for the week:

Now, I’m off to a long night of several post-Halloween parties. Husband and I are going as generic Little Mermaid characters. He’s going as Ariel. I’m going as Eric. Yes, we are generic Little Mermaid characters in drag. This is only because I couldn’t fit in the small girl’s costume we found at Salvation Army yesterday. But, it did keep our costume costs down to $14 for two! Ha!


4 thoughts on “Friday Blog Round Up

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