Upgrading WordPress

Just a quick Sunday blog while I’ve got a moment. My yoga mat, a good book (“Discovery of Heaven”), a bowl of popcorn, and Amazing Race is waiting for me to put some thoughts down and get back to the real world.

Anyways, I’m thinking about upgrading my .wordpress.com site to a .com site. At $18 a year, that isn’t much of an investment and would allow me to build a better community. Mainly, I’m annoyed with the limited commenting service that doesn’t really identify my readers or allow them to share their blogs. Oh! And the inability to change color schemes- as someone who is very color and design sensitive, having the freedom to change fonts and colors is HUGE.

My  worries are that I am not sure if I actually have the content for this blog. I have already shifted my focus from weight loss and healthy living to more about financials and our struggles with unemploymentAll I do know is that I have used this blog for about two weeks and have produced content that I am proud of. It’s been personal and real, and I hope that any reader out there (no matter what the number) appreciates honesty and openness.

I have several blog posts scheduled that should reveal a bit more about me and my state of mind, back story, and hopes for the future with my new family. I hope to share all of that with you- the good and the bad. And I hope you can share yours with me whether it be here, on twitter (@fitisthenewpoor), or on your own blogs.

So, anyone out there have an opinion about when is the best time to make the investment in a blog? Would love to hear everyone’s opinions on timing, value and return!


4 thoughts on “Upgrading WordPress

  1. [ Smiles ] If you want to go for the dot com (.com), then go for it. But, don’t be mistaken into thinking that it is going to help you build your community; from my perspective, you seem to be doing rather well.

    Do have yourself a fabulous week!

    • Thank you for the comment! My issue with the community side is that I do not like the comment box on the wordpress side. I like wordpress hosted sites that are set up to use commentluv or something similar. Those widgets and plugins show a poster’s last post and a better picture. It’s easier to sign up for too and it helps control spam. I find that I read more blogs when I can see people’s last posts or have a better avatar picture!

  2. I think upgrading wordpress/going self-hosted and whatnot is a great an inexpensive investment. Especially if you plan on blogging a lot. If it’s just a causal hobby where you rarely post, probably not necessary!

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