Hi I’m Chelles! I am 26 years young, fully employed, and a big fan of travel and adventure. Recently, my new husband and I embarked on the unplanned and unwanted journey of unemployment when he was laid off from his highly lucrative career.

Now, we are working on surviving the mounting bills, searching for new job opportunities, and planning on how to pay off debt. Our goal is to be able to live as digital nomads without all the pesky debt strings holding us back.

This blog is one real person’s journey. It’s not a “after I paid off 30k in debt” blog or a “(name of financial guru) told me to do x and now I have a million dollars” blog. I am not sustaining myself on Ramen or turning my heat down to 50 at night. You will not find coupons here or advice from someone with any bit of financials in their background (in fact, I have a degree in music which is the farthest away from financials as you can get…).

Instead, I hope you’ll read a blog in which one girl, her husband, and a chihuahua figure out what it means to act like an adult when it comes to money. I’ll try to be funny, but mostly, I promise to be honest and not hold back or sugarcoat.

I’m writing this to chronicle the highs and lows of what it takes to realistically go from debt obese to fiscally fit.

Thank you for finding me. Feel free to leave comments and encouragement. And be sure to check in on my Blog and Debt Tracker pages to see where I am in the process. If you’d like to speak to me, please send me a tweet @fitisthenewpoor!


What do you have to say about it?

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