Weekly Wrap Up

Every week, I will go through my balances and spending habits. Please check back often for updates on how I did from time to time.

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Week of 10/31/13-11/05/2013:

Spending (except for debt repayment):

  • $14.72- Salvation Army Halloween costume purchase on 10/31
  • $21.38- Gas for car on 11/01
  • $4.24- ITunes purchase (a weight loss app that used to be free… GRRRR) on 11/01
  • $20.83- Dinner on 11/02
  • $17.99- Rdio subscription on 11/02
  • $11.68- Lunch on 11/03
  • $17.36- Renter’s insurance through Geico on 11/04
  • $18.00- Blog upgrade through WordPress on 11/04
  • $54.41- Groceries throughout the week

Total spending: $180.61


Thoughts on this week’s spending:  We were quite frugal with Halloween costumes this year, so totally feeling good about this week.  Our groceries also continue to be where we ideally want them to be and we only made one trip to the gas station this week. All good things. 

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